How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube Channel for Free?

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Video has a tremendous power to persuade one to buy or change someone’s mood instantly. We have seen its increasing demand everywhere around the world. Be it a cat’s video, educational content, or a short film, and a video has the potentiality to grab your attention. With the inception of YouTube, people are making videos regularly. Since the first video uploading in 2005, YouTube has witnessed a drastic change in its business.  

As it is pouring money, the common people are being creators and eminent personalities. They are getting a new way to express themselves or earn a living. Though YouTube has recently announced a term and condition which mentions that the small creators will not get any revenue from the ads running on their videos, the creators are not retreating. Instead, more creators are uploading their first video through YouTube. Being the 2nd most visited website globally, YouTube holds a significant place as a video-sharing platform. Be it an old one or a child, 5 billion people watch videos on YouTube every day.

The sensation of making videos is on the rise. Every day thousands of people are sharing their content on YouTube. Now, the most concerning matter comes when they need 1000 subscribers to be able to monetize their account. Some do this amateur, and some take YouTube as a granted career. But that is a different topic. When they don’t see subscribers, they confront frustration like every new in this field. Today, I will share an interesting article that will help you know how to get more subscribers on YouTube channel for free. I am sure most of us don’t accept, but some points are inevitable if you want to grow faster on YouTube.

  • Engaging Channel trailer

As the movie has a trailer for its marketing campaign, YouTube also has a section where you can add your channel trailer. When an audience jumps on your channel, they get to see the trailer first. This is a great way to grab the attention of the new audience. Remember that the trailer should convey your channel’s motive. A compelling channel trailer should be between 30-60seconds.

  • Make a playlist

If you make content on a related topic or you are making a regular series, a playlist is very significant here. As you t your videos in a relevant playlist, the audience doesn’t face any issue finding the next content. They get attracted by it, and subsequently, you get your subscribers.

  • Create Call-to-action on your video

Marketers or copywriters know this term exactly how powerful it is. You can do this with YouTube’s in-built option, such as end-screen and cards. Using words like “Subscribe to my channel” can direct people on what to do next. Let me give you an idea of the end-screen and cards. End-screen is a series of images on your video which comes at the end. It directs the audience to go to the next video or subscribe to the channel. Cards are another important call-to-action that is considered to be interactive. You can add cards at any time in your video. You can direct your audience to a video or playlist or even to your website.

  • Custom Thumbnail

A custom thumbnail is created just before you upload your video. You need to add an image that represents the content of the video. There is an old proverb that works here the best – first comes the book’s cover, then its quality. A thumbnail is a crucial item that determines if your video should be watched or not. The size of the thumbnail is 1280*720px.

  • Post consistently

This is one of the most notable tips which is told by every YouTuber. As it gives you exposure to diverse viewers, you are definitely going to get a few subscribers from their side. Come up with ideas and then make a content calendar. This will help you to track all your jobs are being appropriately completed or not. Consistency is the essential key on any platform, not only YouTube. Subscribers need to know what you make.

  • Promote your channel

After uploading your content on YouTube, will you sit silently waiting for the subscribers and viewers? That will make you frustrated in the end, after all. You need to promote yourself through various media. Suppose you make videos on tech issues. There are many tech groups out there. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and every single channel will be best for spreading your words.

  • Optimize your video content

Making a good description, an attractive title can help you to grab the attention of the audience. Suppose you are making tutorials. It would best to find some keywords beforehand according to your niche. When someone searches for related content, your video also will appear there.   

  • Interact with your audience

Talk to your viewers; answer comments. As you do this, your subscribers will be more likely to watch your videos. They are the ones who can provide you with the next topic. Make a community and promoting each other.

  • Embed your videos in blog posts

If you have a website, then here is another excellent opportunity to promote your videos through your website. It will also help your website ranking better on Google. If anyone searches on Google, your video gets more exposure. This method gives your brand more reliance.

  • Collaboration with other channels or celebrities

Nowadays, some notable YouTubers are following this. It helps in leveraging each other’s audiences. Talk to YouTubers who are interested in collaborating with you. If you already have a huge subscription, you can collaborate with celebrities, giving more exposure to your channel. Tying up with celebrities is difficult for a new YouTuber.

These 10 are the most followed organic and free methods around the world. Apply one by one and check the result. Before applying ads, ensure to use the above options. You will definitely get a better result. 

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