Web Design Checklist

Websites are the index of any business and service. Web designers are significant folks because website design is an integral part of a business. Do you want to be a successful Website developer? Then you can go through this noteworthy cheat sheet for web page design. For the best web design, you need to expertise certain critical elements. This page will brief the entire attributes essential for creating a responsive web design.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Web Designers

Web designers have to learn about plenty of factors that are vital for interface design. It will be impossible to remember all those stuff. Understanding what you have kept in mind while designing a website will raise the success rate of your site. The below cheat sheet can help you with this concern.

Broken Links

Checking your website links is quite essential, as SEO relies upon links to rank your site. A broken link available on your website design can hold you back from getting better recognition. While designing a web page, it will be better to check for inactive links. You should clean up the available broken links to enhance user engagement and search engine ranking.

Checklist for identifying broken links

Use HTML link checkers to ensure that all the links available on your website are working.
Design your 404 pages with visual aesthetics to make your broken link error page beautiful.

Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and grammar mistakes may seem to be of less importance. But they can influence your website performance to a greater extent. You should make sure that your website is with quality content that can ensure the excellence of your web page design.


Subfolders can help you segment your large website design. It can help you in enhancing the ease of usage. Always be wise enough to use subfolders to enrich the user experience with your site. By subfolder names, you can insert potential keywords in your websites.

Mobile-friendly Design

Nowadays, all users are accessing websites with their smartphones. Making your web page design compatible with the mobile platform is necessary to get the best web design. You should ensure the design parameters for your website that can make your website responsive to any platform.

Check List for creating mobile-friendly web page design

You can use responsive web design to make your site compatible with multiple devices.
Use the same type of structured data on both web and mobile layouts of your site.
Make sure that you use the proper user scaling factor n your website design.
You should use icons and fonts size suitable for all devices.
Include high-quality images on your website. This can make your web content visible on any size of the screen.

Uptime Monitoring

Website availability is an essential factor to check while designing your site. With uptime monitoring, you can track your website downtime. Be sure enough to ensure that your website is available at all times.

Uptime monitoring checklist

Be careful enough to use proper coding for web development. It can minimize the loading time of your landing page.
The web hosting service you are choosing for hosting your site can affect the uptime of your page. Be wise to choose a better web hosting service provider.

User-friendly URLs

Simple URLs will attract more visitors to your sites. Make sure you use short URLs with potential keywords in your best web design. It can make your business website a masterpiece.

URL optimization checklist

Use relevant keywords to enrich the search engine ranking of your site.
Identify and diagnose the broken links available on your site.
Use smart favicon wisely in right place.
Optimize your site with canonical URLs to avoid duplicate contents.
Never use upper case letters in your URL. The usage of a capital letter can make your URL hard to remember.
Make sure that you use hyphens in your URL to separate words. Google will not recognize underscores. 
Ensure that your URL is readable and easy to remember.

Website Content

You should use relevant content with good language to increase user engagement with your site. Providing quality content on your site can drive more clients to your service. You can choose vivid colors and shades for your e-commerce web design to attract your visitors.

Web content checklist

Ensure that your home page contains relevant content with an attractive presentation.
Make sure that you describe in detail your service.
Your website should contain the contact information for reaching your service.
Provide FAQs and testimonials in your web design to enhance user engagement with your business.
Be sure enough to mention the terms and conditions of your firm in your web layout.

Browser Compatibility

Ensure that your web page is consistent with multiple types of browsers. This can make your user comfortable with your site design.

Checklist for Browser compatibility of your site

Make your HTML version visible to the browser by using a ‘doctype’.
You should use appropriate CSS reset rules to ensure that your website is working with any kind of browser.
Ensure that the libraries and frameworks you are using for designing the site are compatible with all types of browsers.

Bottom Line

Web design is an essential channel for any online business. Web developers have to keep search engine ranking and user engagement in their minds while designing a site. We hope that you have got a picture of the essential checklist to consider while designing a website by reading this post. Design responsive websites and attract a huge mass of clients.

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