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Online searching has changed a lot during the past few years. People went from changing their keyword habits, and now they have changed the medium. A few years back, the world was introduced to the voice search technology, and it broke the internet. It made online searching fast and efficient. With the introduction of the virtual assistant, it made searching possible without even touching phones. But the searching algorithm works a bit differently in voice search. This is the reason why websites now have to optimize content according to that. Normal SEO is important, but now it can do wonders for businesses if their website is optimized for voice search as well. The importance and the techniques of voice search optimization have been detailed in this article:

Why is Voice Search Optimization Important for Businesses?

If we look at statistics, there has been a great rise in the number of people who now use voice search. The number is more than what would have been enough for businesses to think and optimize themselves. Voice search is used for all types of requirements by users. They ask Google Assistant for the best shoe stores near them or the best bakery near them; all of these are business-related.

Google will only be able to provide them with results if they are optimized according to their algorithms. This makes it very important for websites to go for voice search optimizations. This is also the reason why it is one of the services that most companies demand from digital marketing companies. In this article, readers will get to know some techniques that can improve the rank of a website in the voice search results.

Techniques to Optimize Websites for Voice Search

  1. Optimize for Rich Content

Rich content is one that has a good balance of everything. It should be suitable for most of the things, from Google’s featured snippets to normal ads. The content should be created and compiled properly. The use of keywords should be regular in it, and none of the keywords should be repeated in a paragraph. These are some things that will keep the content high in quality and rank as well. Businesses need to understand that a mediocre website cannot get to the top and that for a website to be the best, everything about it needs to be best. The writers need to pay attention to the content and the relevance of it on the website.

  1. Restructure the Content and Layout

The content on a website might be updated according to the rules. The website and its content should be structured properly. Most of the websites don’t achieve top results because their structure is not proper. By following a proper structure, a website and its content can improve its reach. This is something that Google wants according to their algorithm.

  1. Use Simple Language

Websites need to make sure that they use easy-to-understand words. People who will be reading it are laymen, and complex words will make it difficult for them to understand the content. This is why Google ranks a website that uses a simple language higher in its search results. No matter how complex a topic is, the writers should focus on explaining it in an easy way. This improves the readability of the content, which in turn improves its reach. There are websites that have great layouts and response time, but they are not ranked high. The reason for this is that they have complex words in them that make them difficult to understand.

  1. Go for Long-Tail Keywords

When people use voice search, they most often speak just the way they do normally, which means that the keywords will be long-tail. This is the reason why websites need to use some long-tail keywords in their articles. There has to be a balance between the short-tail and the long-tail keywords in an article so that content has optimized both ways. Writers can use keywords like “Things to do near NYC at night” or similar ones that are relevant to their content.

  1. Improve the Response Time of The Website

The website should respond fast. This means that developers will have to work on reducing the time it takes to load. This comes under on-page SEO activities and is really important. This is one of the most important things that impact the SEO of a website. This is especially very important in terms of voice search results. Development companies need to understand that their websites should not have unnecessary features that will slow them down. This will place them below other websites that are not as good as theirs.

  1. Optimize It for Mobile

Today’s websites need to be optimized for mobile phones. This is important to get a good ranking in voice results because people use that feature mostly on their smartphones. Optimization should be done properly, and a website should look attractive, and all features should be working. When all the criteria are fulfilled, and a website works well on mobile phones, its ranking will improve.

  1. Add the Website to Google My Business Listings

Being listed on Google My Business listing is something that is now mandatory for all businesses. Even if they don’t have a website, businesses should list themselves here. This is what allows the voice search feature to provide the best results to users when they ask something like, “which is the best toy shop near me.” These types of keywords are very popular in the voice search results, and here, the results are mostly from a Google My Business listing. This is a very easy and efficient way to increase a website’s reach and generate leads. Most people search the internet before they go out to buy something from a store.


The tips that have been given above are proven to provide good results. Though some of them look very basic, all of them have a great positive impact on the SERPs. Voice search is really important, and marketing companies need to make sure that websites are optimized so that they can be visible to users in the voice search results too.

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