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Any content is incomplete without fulfilling structured Search Engine optimization criteria. Every website is in search of a way to be noticed by visitors. We are well aware of why ranking is one of the essential aspects when it comes to digital expansion. Visitors looking for solutions or information are more likely to visit the links mentioned on the first page. To be visible, the business knows that optimization is a must.

No matter the reason you are writing content, ranking is important. But why is ranking important?

  • If the content is being written to convey an idea or information, your target would be to reach it to more people. The ranking works as a medium to reach the target.
  • If your content is written for commercial purposes, you need to have more and more visitors to increase its reach. The ranking will work here as well.

Google My Business Listing

The Google My Business listing is the listing standard that is followed by Google. Whenever you search for something, advertisements come on the top of that page, come local or nearby places according to your location, and finally, the content you searched for. A lot of content is published with loads of information, but only selected content appears on the first page.

The Importance of Google Business Listing

Google My Business listing is considered as the second most crucial marketing channel for the expansion of a local business. The GMB listing is a free method that helps to rank your business. The complete information fed on the GMB listing is better for the Google ranking of your business and your customers. The easier it is to get information about a business, the easier it will be to reach it. It should follow the Google algorithm. Moreover, a piece of complete information appears more trustworthy.

The Basics of Google My Business

Google My Business listing is an impactful way to have all of the essential and useful features of a business on a single page. A compelling page will help you to draw more and more potential customers. To outperform in your firm, you need to make the most out of this free service by Google.

How Does Google My Business Work?

To start with, Google My Business is not rocket science. You have to make an account and after that claim your business. When Google acknowledges it, you are sent a postcard to your mentioned address. The card works as proof of claiming your ownership. Keep checking the verification status.

Let us look at the different ways to optimize a Google My Business listing to improve local ranking. But, before that, you should know that Google keeps updating its GMB listing criteria. Google keeps adding new features to Google My Business. Some of them are highly beneficial for business purposes. Now, the steps you need to follow are:

Ranking Factors

Relevance, distance, and prominence are the three most important factors considered by Google My Business. Relevance helps a visitor to get a complete idea about what your business does. The distance factor is based on the proximity of your location. Prominence helps to decide the activities that your business is going through.

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Remember to update Google My Business with accurate information. Though there are no silver bullets to optimize a Google business listing, there are many ideas and tips:

Claim and Verify the Listing:

You need to check whether you have to create an account for your business or it is already present in the list. If your business is years old, it might be present and you have to claim it. Otherwise, create your account and fill all the required information.

Google My Business Posts:

GMB gives you the flexibility to create an interactive and engaging post. This will help you to increase the traffic and hence increases the possibilities of potential customers.

Include Keywords:

A keyword is essential for website SEO, as well as local business SEO. Relevant keywords are a must. They help to rank your business

NAP Consistency Is Must:

Name, address, and phone number should always be the same no matter where you are updating it. NAP consistency helps Google to place your business on the list.  

Keep Business Operating Hours Accurate: 

GMB expects you to enter your accurate business hours. At the same time, if any changes are to be made, you need to update them. This will not only help you to improve the local ranking of your business but will also keep your customers well informed. At the same time, you can also customize it as per holidays or any events.

Add Photos and Videos: 

Photos and videos are one of the best ways to optimize your Google business listing. Your profile photo will get lots of exposure and impact, so select wisely. A photo that infers the meaning of the service is suggested. As per research, businesses with photos on their listings receive 42 percent more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35 percent more clicks-through on websites. The size, format, and resolution should be as per the Google guidelines.

Detailed Description: 

An in-depth description helps you to improve the ranking of the Google business listing. The description should be apt and concise but with relevant information. Relevance drives local results.

Benefits of Online Reviews:

Online review is one of the best ways to optimize your Google business listing. Reviews will help you to improve your ranking on Google Maps as well as significantly will also increase the click-through rates. As per a survey, Google uses reviews as well as stars to improve GMB listings. So, get as many positive reviews and ratings as possible.

Wrapping Up

You can follow the tips mentioned above to optimize Google’s business listing to improve your business’s Google ranking. Google ranking is the best way to get noticed by visitors. It plays a significant role in driving and engaging potential customers. In short, you can follow the tips given above and get a snapshot of your best features and information on Google. This will immensely help you to improve your local ranking and expand your reach.

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