Engage with Other Facebook Pages

Have already made your personal Facebook pages but feeling difficulties with creating engagement? Many of us confront the same thing of we are new. As the Facebook page is a great way to brand building, it is necessary to know the basic things to grow your community. Previously you could switch between any profiles by using the drop-down menu. Now, it is more convenient for you to interact with other pages. You can do many things like what we do as our personal profile such as like, comment, interact, mention, etc.

If you have any Facebook page, then it would be better to read an article that gives you an overview of starting an engagement. As engagement is one of the most essential attributes to grow your business, having a Facebook page today can do much of your job done instantly. This article will guide you on how you can do so many things. It will take some to get accustomed to the process but it’s very easy and won’t take much longer. So, let’s start without any further ado.

How to Engage with Other Facebook Pages Using Your Facebook Page

  • Like Other Facebook Pages

This is an important step to grow your business through a Facebook page. You can’t interact with some Facebook pages until you like them. You can’t hit the like button as soon as you love any content. If you like the content, then it will automatically imply that you are interacting with a different page or your personal profile may be.

You have to select the “Option” menu looking like three dots close to the like button. It will give you a drop-down list from where you can select the page you want to have interacted. Be it a Business Manager or your personal page, you will get everything you have already created. If you have multiple pages, then it would be a time-consuming process because you have to go through every page as there is no multi-select option.

  • Post on Other Facebook Pages

This is another great method to grow engagement with your community through Facebook pages. If you want to post any content to your own page, then go to the status update box and select the page you want to interact with. If it is a Business Manager page, then scroll down to the bottom of the list and select your Business Manager account. Now, click on your page and post anything. With the new upgrade from Facebook, it is now easier to confirm that you are interacting with your page. Go to the status update box and hover over there, you will get to see who you are interacting with. After successful posting, you will get it in the Visitor Posts Box.

  • Engage with Other Facebook Posts

This is very similar as you have already learned how to like and post. To do this, go to the Status Update Box and use the drop-down menu list. From there, you will get the page you want to comment on. Select the page and like or comment on other posts. There is another feature which is you can share the post you like or comment on as your Facebook page. This is a great way to grow your community. If you have multiple pages, you have to go through all those pages to execute the same process.

  • Reply to Mentions as Your Facebook Page

Another interesting feature is when you get a mention from others. As soon as you get any mentions from others, you will get to see them in your notification area. So, just go to the exact post by clicking on the notification. You will get to see your post and the person who has mentioned you. This creates engagement which is very helpful to grow your community. Being mentioned can be an admirable attribute. So, use it to your advantage. This is one of the proven ways to increase awareness of Facebook pages.

  • Share a Post through Your Facebook Page

As we share anything through our personal profile, you can do this via your Facebook pages also. As soon as you like any post on your news feed, if it appeals to you, then you can share the post on the post through your page. You can share anything, be it personal sharing, public Facebook group sharing, or anything, choose the “Share” option instead of choosing the Share Now (Public) option. As soon as you select the “Share” option, you will get to see many options including “Share on a Page You Manage”. Click on it and you will have your page open in front of your eyes. Chose the page you want to use and share the post you have already liked. You can also verify your page by checking the “Posting as” option.

In case you want to credit the author of the post, uncheck the Original Post box. Just share the link without mentioning the group and commentary. You can add your own status also and have the ability to limit your post. You can do this by adjusting settings under the “Limit Visibility of This Post”. Then, click on “Save Changes”.

  • View Updates from Facebook Pages

If you want to check all of the recent updates, you can go to your page. From there, under your cover photo, you will find “See Pages Feed”. The same applies to the Business Manager pages. For this, you need to go to the Business Manager page. You can see the pages in the left sidebar which you have already liked. You can also see the latest updates from those pages in the right-hand sidebar. If you want to interact with other profiles, then you need to click on the timestamp on the update to exit the page’s feed. If you have multiple pages, then you have to go through all those pages one by one.

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