10 Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

Best PHP Framework

We require frameworks for designing and hosting websites. A variety of web development tools are available in this concern. Selecting an intelligent tool is essential for productive web development. PHP is one of the best scripting languages we can employ for web development. PHP represents the Personal Home Page tool. We can use PHP programming for all our web activities. It is simple to use and has extensive features. This brief will give you a masterly analysis of the best PHP database tool. I am sure you will get excited about the beneficial aspects of PHP frameworks.

1. Laravel

Being the fastest PHP framework this tool has a simple user interface and coding system. You will get yourself content with sweeping development options of the language. Laravel CRM gadgets can handle all your online data. Along with web development, you can host and deploy your site with Laravel.


  • Vivid stylish syntax
  • Excellent capability to join with third-party libraries
  • Better performance speed
  • Encryption packages with ultimate security.
  • Can extend features with suitable add-ons
  • Comprehensive technical support

2. Symfony

With a faster interface and better flexibility, the Symfony framework will impress a large mass of active users. The tool is available with software components that can assist you in better programming. This gadget has reusable components that can be useful in developing high-quality websites.


  • High-level operational speed
  • The tool is available with a variety of components and library elements.
  • You can also test your site’s performance with these gadgets.
  • This gadget can guide your programming.
  • Provides a stable development environment
  • Programming platform good structure.

3. CakePHP

CakePHP can offer you a secured framework that is suitable for all commercial applications. With extreme performance speed, this tool will be appropriate for more number of web developers. We can develop all types of sites with high quality.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • High-speed code generation
  • Can validate and authenticate sites
  • The tool better security towards the operation.
  • More number of library elements and components available

4. Phalcon

Phalcon framework offers a simple framework for web development. Users can start working with this tool without knowing C programming. This tool provides a high-speed programming experience for developers. As the application is most popular, you can get support with several Phalcon tutorials available online.


  • An easily accessible open-source framework
  • Full-stack programming environment
  • Available with superior template engine
  • This tool is available with an Object-relational mapping
  • Lesser codes are necessary to accomplish the task
  • Can create and manage an array

5. Fuel PHP

Inherent with the best feature of other frameworks, Fuel PHP can innovate your web designing ideas. This tool is available with full support architecture and better programming functionality. With HMVC support and view models, you can develop your web pages.


  • Available with complete HMVC implementation
  • This tool is having a variety of application modules
  • Powerful object-relational module
  • Better controllers and modules
  • In-built command-line utility
  • Provides extreme security with different filtering options

6. CodeIgniter

Being the fastest PHP framework, CodeIgniter ignites the web world with advanced website development options. Full-stack programming features of this tool can enable you to create high-quality sites. You can create portable websites with this tool.


  • Capable of creating complex coding
  • Simple interface
  • Smaller footprints
  • Best in class security features
  • You can create smaller applications with this tool
  • The tool is available with better documentation option

7. Slim

Slim PHP is a microframework with which you can develop intelligible and stable web applications.  This tool can perform better when installed with a composer dependency manager. We can use the bash-command to create the foundation of web projects.


  • Available with quicker HTTP router
  • Can use slim-skeleton to create programs
  • You can fine-tune the response objects and HTTP requests
  • Complete control over external tools
  • Frequently updated versions
  • Best ability for rapid prototyping

8. Yii 2

With fast, efficient framework features, Yii 2 language can develop high-grade weblogs. Also, you can enjoy the safer environment of the software, with better programming options. This program is capable of integrating with jQuery and AJAX platforms. The gadget is suitable for designing forums, portals, CMS, and e-commerce projects.


  • Inbuilt Gii code generator
  • Faster rapid development
  • Easy object-oriented programming
  • Better security options with multiple packages
  • Speedy operation with customizable configuration
  • Customizable code generation

9. PHPixie

PHPixie is an easy-to-learn programming language, with extreme abilities. A flexible interface and simple coding structure of this tool can help you with attractive website designs. The framework working is based on components and elements with a dynamic coding environment. This tool supports both SQL and the No SQL database.


  • Capability to bundle up codes and make it easy to share
  • This tool supports MongoDB for database components.
  • The coding environment complies with industry standards and principles.
  • Cryptography enabled security features
  • Complete and comprehensive support
  • Linear code flow

10. Fat-Free Framework

The Fat-free framework is a Dynamic and simple micro-framework with the latest features. With a full-featured toolkit and codebase, you can create superior websites. The tool is lightweight and consumes fewer system resources.


  • Multi-language support
  • In-built URL router
  • More number of advanced plug-ins
  • Dominant library elements
  • Simple and secure authentication
  • Available with multiple view engines


For all web developers, PHP frameworks are a necessary tool. The quality of the online page depends on the features of the programming language. A variety of tools are available for us to select. Each gadget has its aspects and advantages. We hope this brief has brightened your insights on PHP frameworks. Choose a better tool and enjoy faster web programming.

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