App Store Optimization: An ASO Guide for Google Play Store

app store optimization

Now a day’s more people are using smartphones. The App Store is the gateway to acquire mobile applications as per our requirement. We can optimize our software in the app store concerning user activities. It can drive more traffic to your software. App optimization can also enhance your business and can gain a potential customer base with positive reviews. This brief will provide you a complete guide on app store optimization.

What is App Store Optimization?

ASO or App store SEO is the method of optimizing the application available in the app store. With app optimization, you can obtain a high reach in the store. It can increase traffic to your platform. We can also produce more volume of downloads using optimization techniques.

Requisites for App Optimization

For optimizing your application database, you need to know the following factors.

  • The working methodology of the store
  • Your customer base
  • Suitable keywords

The necessity of App Store Optimization

With ASO you can obtain the following benefits

  • Higher search rankings
  • Good conversion rate
  • More installations

How Can You Optimize Your App Store?

Like Google search engine optimization, we can optimize the application store. It may help you to get into the top of the search results. It can increase the number of downloads of your application. Here is how we can tune-up our ASO.

1. Using a Catchy Title

A good title is the index of your application. You can use the right heading to boost user traffic to your product. Choosing a better title can enhance the familiarity of your software.  You can identify and use the right keywords in your title to drive more traffic to your app. While hosting an app in the Apple app store, you can use a headline of 255 characters. With Google play store, you will be able to use a title of 30 characters long. Use these characters wisely to rank high in the search results.

2. Selecting Best Keywords

We can use keywords for optimizing Google search engines. Similarly, with key terms, we can progress our app search engine. You may use keywords in title or descriptions of the software to gain high app store ranking.   In the app store, you can avail of 100 characters, especially for keywords.  Search engines will access these terms.  Google play store has no separate allocations for the phrases. However, search engines will go through the description to locate relevant content. You can include the potential search terms in the brief of the product.

3. Use Striking Logo

Designing a unique and creative logo for your application can help you with app optimization. Your logo should be with good graphics quality and should be descriptive about the product. In that way, clients can identify your product from the search results.  Your icons should represent the features of your product.

4. Effective Description

A good description may be the catalog for your application. You can describe all the positive factors of your product in an engaging manner. Also, you can use the best keywords to rank high in the search engine. Above all, you should frame a description language pattern for a better understanding of the clients.

5. Screenshots

Using screenshots of high quality, you can get better user attention towards your product. Screenshots should explain the key features of the product. High quality and illustrative images can provide you good app store ranking.

6. Categorize Your Application Properly

Keeping your application among the appropriate category of products is necessary for app optimization. It can make it easier for the user to identify your software. Choosing the proper family can help you with app optimization. If you find more number of similar categories, choose the less competitive genre.

7. Gaining Positive Review

Earning positive reviews from users is necessary for gaining more clients that are positive. You can push a message to ask users to give their reviews. It may create clear insights about your product in the app market. Also, avoid negative reviews by removing any bugs available in the app.

8. Meta Data

With proper Metadata, you can elevate your application’s ranking in the app store. These elements of the product page can increase traffic to your forum.  You can search and use key terms to get better recognition in search engines. Metadata is most popular, and it includes your app tile, screenshots, description, and icons.

9. App Store Analytics

App store analytics will enable you to keep a track on your page performance. You can review your marketing strategy with analytics results.  A comparison between your app and current scenario can help you in making wise decisions. These decisions can provide you better app store ranking in the search engine.

10. Preview Video

Providing an engaging video can describe your product more effectively. You can specify all the features of your software in the description media. It can drive more customers to install your application. With more users, your product will get a high ranking in search engines.

11. Updating

The digital trends keep on changing, and you have to be up to date to success in it. You have to optimize key performance indicators with the present scenario to get better ranking.  You can engage with users to understand their expectations. Updating your software with the client’s requirements can engage more customers.

12. Localization

In the digital arena, we are playing with a global platform. You can provide your KPIs in the local language to enhance user engagement with the product. Also, you have to develop your software with multi-language support to attract worldwide customers.

Bottom Line

The most evolving field in the digital arena is SEO since it changes with user data. With proper actions, you can get yourself a high ranking in search engines. It can drive more clients to your product. Also, you can elevate your business strategy with potential customers. Here, we have framed an insight into factors that can help you in enhancing the search engine ranking and app store optimization. Above all, a quality product is a factor in the success of your product.

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