Web Development Checklist

All the services are available online right now. Web developers are doing a crucial part in business development. Front-end developers are an important role in producing good business sites. The quality of your site depends on the skill set of web developers. Web developer requires more expertise as they have to deal with more coding.  It will be hard to remember all the web development essentials. A global cheat set can assist you in this concern. In this post, we have let you know the necessary cheat sheets for the top front and back-end developing languages.

Cheat Sheet for Front End Developers

Front end developers are responsible for the appearance of your site. They have a variety of programming aspects to choose from. We can remember programming elements with the cheat sheet.


Head elements can help you in gaining a better search engine ranking. It conveys info about your page to the browser.

  • Ensure that your website head is simple and with minimum texts.
  • Never forget to include your business logo with your header.


Using images in your web pages can enhance user engagement.

  • Make sure that you use appropriate images on your web page.
  • Ensure that your image is suitable for different screen sizes of the devices.
  • You can replace texts with images to elevate user involvement with your site.


Designing your website with better accessibility can increase the ease of use of your site.

  • You should optimize it for each content.
  • You can increase the accessibility of your images by providing Alt text.
  • Make sure that your forms are simple and easy to fill.


Website performance will decide the success of your web programming.

  • Ensure that you keep your HTML document clear to increase site speed.
  • You should integrate and minimize your CSS files. It can help you with faster site loading.
  • You can use the prefetching ability. It can improve the performance of the site.
  • Using a Content Delivery Network can enhance the responsiveness of your web page.

SEO Optimization

Search engine ranking will decide the success of your business site. You should optimize your site for achieving a better position in search results.

  • Ensure that you have a better structure for your website.
  • You can include relevant keywords on your site.
  • Make sure that your site is quick to respond.

Cheat Sheet for Back-end Developers

Back end developers will work with server-side applications. They will aid us to integrate servers, applications, and databases. Here is the checklist for back-end developers.

Data Storage

Data storage is somehow responsible for website speed. You should optimize your database for better website performance.

  • Ensure that you have used a linear set of rules. It can normalize your database.
  • Make sure that you reduce the redundant data. You can avoid data issues with this strategy.
  • You can index your database to reduce the space occupied by it.


Website security is necessary for web development strategy. You have to ensure the safety of your site with several factors.

  • You can encrypt your login pages with SSL encryption to secure user data.
  • Ensure that you are using a web hosting service with good security features.
  • Make use of Input validation to refine workflow on the website.
  • Use an exception management system for website errors.

App Monitoring

You can improve the performance of your site by monitoring the applications.

  • You have to optimize your site for different mobile platforms and carriers.
  • Make sure to monitor the APIs of your applications.
  • Ensure the delivery potential of cloud storage with your app.

Database Integrity

You can ensure the precision of the data available in your database with database integrity.  It can enhance the ease of usage of your data.

  • Make sure to frame powerful criteria to validate data.

You can use Saved Procedures to standardize your website. Field validation can be useful in making your form fields effective.

Bottom Line

Web development requires expertise and skills. We have more number of factors to consider while developing a website. It will be hard to remember all the attributes of web programming. This brief will guide with a comprehensive website development checklist. We hope you can develop high-quality by ensuring the points listed in the checklist.

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