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Nowadays, social media are emerging as one of the best platforms to generate sales for business owners. Some of the best social media platforms are Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Here in this post, we will talk about the Instagram Insights to improve marketing.

Are you checking your Instagram post insights correctly? Well, data analysis is one of the most important things when it comes to deal with designing the future. We all love data. It ultimately helps us measure our richness. We can understand our flaws through analytics. But, when starting, most of us avoid it and finally get frustrated. It has become a weapon for ages. Nowadays, we can’t think about data. In fact, the future is going to be data-based. That’s why there’s an increasing demand for data science. 

We know Instagram has been a great platform for driving traffic to your business. So, analysis is a must choice. You like it or not, or even you may be dazzled by the date, eventually, you have to obey this. The next marketing campaign can be successful based on analysis. Everything is running through analytics. Today’s marketers can’t think about data. If you have a business profile, you must have been aware of the built-in analytics, which gives you an overview of how the post or story is performing. Are you dazzled about how to see post insights on Instagram? then read this article. 

If you want to check Instagram insights, you need a business account. You can convert it by adding your Facebook business profile. As soon as you convert your personal account into a business account, you will get to see Instagram insights. Unfortunately, you will not get the insights option on your desktop. 

An Overview Highlights

After you click on three horizontal lines, you will get the “Insights” option. Click on it, and you will see an overview of your profile. It’s general information where you get to know about the total followers gain or loss, increase or decrease in content creation, etc. this will give you an overall idea of how your profile is performing. You can also change the time period here. But this is not all. Now, let’s dig deep into the more specific insights. 

Accounts Reached

Click on the “Accounts Reached” section. This indicates your Impressions, Profile Visits, Website Taps, etc. Impression lets you know how many times your posts have been seen. Under Account Activity, you will see Profile Visits, Website Taps, etc. Profile Visits let you know how many times your profile has been viewed, whereas Website Taps allows you to know how many times the link you have added has been clicked. There are other insights like what are the top posts, stories, or IGTV videos. Now, some of these insights allow you to enter deep. 

Content Interaction

Go back to the Recent Highlights and click on the Content Interactions. It shows you how your content is performing in terms of engagement. You will be able to see likes, shares, comments, etc. How many likes, shares, comments, and saves you have got on your post are helpful to judge why the post is performing good or bad. You will get to know how many replies you have got on your post. Also, the story interaction is highlighted there that lets you know how many times the story has been seen. 

Follower Breakdown

You can use Instagram Insights to check how many followers you have gained or lost over the past few days. Just you need to go to the Recent Highlights and then click on the Followers. You will get a breakdown of your followers. It exposes how many people have followed or unfollowed you. It even shows the top places where your followers are coming from. There is a graph that shows the increase or decrease of your followers as compared to the previous week. It also allows you to know which time of the day your followers are using Instagram.

Instagram Post Insights

Now, let’s come to how to see post insights on Instagram. This will allow you to see only individual posts. After you publish a post, you will get to see “View Insights” at the bottom left corner of your post. These insights expose the number of actions the users have taken on your profile. You will get to know how many times your profile has been visited, how many likes, comments, and saves you have got on your post, and many more. 

View Story Insights

Likewise, you can also check your Insta story insights. One of the easiest ways to see the insights is by going to the day’s story and clicking on the “Seen By” option at the bottom left corner. If you want to check all of your previous posted story insights, then go to the “Insights” again from your profile > under Content You Shared section, you will get to see the “Stories” section > Click on it, and you will get to know the insights of the older stories as well as the recent. 

Paid Promotion Insights

This is yet another way to check insights. You will get it inside the “Insights” option from your profile. This will only be started when you create a paid campaign. All of your active promotions are shown here. But if you click the “See More” option, then you will come across the previous promotions. You can click on any previous promotion to see the number of engagement, impressions, visitors who have viewed the promotion, audience demographics, and many more. This is one of the most useful tools when you pay to promote your business. 

If we know the data, we can properly deal with the future. Businesses, as well as individuals, are taking the analysis seriously. Online marketing comes, and there won’t be a buzz about analytics, that’s not possible. We are fully dependent on data. Without it, making an informed decision would be very difficult. It would be like groping something in the darkness. It is inevitable to follow the analysis. This can elevate your business to a different level. I hope this article adds some value to your knowledge of how to check Instagram post insights. For better results, you can take the help of social media service provider or agency.

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