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With the blessing of the internet, the world has the grabbing power of Social media. The platform has already proved that this is something you can’t ignore. One has to be aware of it. Otherwise, there is a significant portion of something that is missing. From young to old, there is no restriction overusing it. Many businesses are going online because of capturing different kinds of audiences. Even some of the reputed institutions are also providing education on using social media to capture customers. There are many online free courses we have been aware of. So, they have seen potentiality over social media platforms to get more profit. As it helps us in many ways, there is a dark truth also. We should know the disadvantages also to use the platforms carefully and can be more cautious. 

Just like anything which has good and bad characteristics, social media is also filled with merits and demerits. Somehow, intentionally or unintentionally, the issues are created. 

How are you using your social media platforms? It can be used as a weapon to develop a country or destroy it wholly. We will be discussing the top advantages and disadvantages of Social Media here. As we hear the advantages of social media everywhere, its disadvantages are also not hidden from us. There are many advantages and disadvantages. So, the first thing is to start with positivity, and then we will come to its negative image. 

Advantages of Social Media

  • Building communities

Billions of people are using social media regularly. So, one gets exposed to billions of people around the world. After being connected to each other, people can express their ideas, philosophies, culture, and many, and that’s how bonding is created. There is no limitation of connection. One can talk to a lot of peoples at a time regardless of the location.  

  • Promotional activities

Nowadays, many companies have found a potential place to get more profit, and that is social media that can give more visitors as well as more money. One can connect to customers worldwide or according to the demography and get feedback from them. A business can get a larger audience from all over the world and promote it to them. 

  • Noble cause

Another remarkable advantage of social media is its use for noble causes. One can donate any amount of money from anywhere around the world within just a few clicks. There are NGOs, charitable trusts, social welfare funds going online. There is no quick way to help some needy people.   

  • Awareness

It is social media that has assisted individuals with finding such creative stuff that can upgrade individual lives. From farmers to educators, students to legal advisors, each person of the general public can profit from social media.

  • Beneficial for Govt. and agencies

Social media helps Govt. in a broadway. It is now possible to communicate with government people. Some Govt. agencies used social media for spy business. 

  • Space for Information 

The whole world is in front of you. Whatever you want, just click a button. The information is all over the internet. One of the most important advantages is collecting information through it. This is why more people are coming on these online platforms. People are hungry. So, feeding them through social media is a notable advantage.

  • Educational platforms

Children and teachers are using social for educational purposes. It has been now very easier for students to study online. Regardless of the location, one can take distance classes through the social media platform. See how YouTube educational channels are growing. 

Disadvantages of Social Media

  • Addiction is born

People, mostly teenagers, get addicted to social media and waste their social and personal lives. The productivity from daily activities is gone gradually because of all time inclination by social media.   

  • Bullying over social media platforms

These days, it has been easier to make fake accounts and bully over the internet. Teenagers get mostly affected by it. Threats, scams, rumours are spreading every day through social media. Many people are being scammed for the sake of doing a job, and in exchange, the money is not paid. 

  • Privacy can be at stake

Sharing your online area or stumbling into difficulty at work as a result of tweeting something improper or sharing a lot with people, in general, can cause you a few issues that occasionally can’ be addressed. No one can tell when any investing official visits you to any issue that you erroneously or unwittingly talked about ridiculous.

  • Health-related issues or changes in lifestyle

The overabundance of the utilization of social media can likewise contrarily affect well-being. Since practice is the way to shed pounds, the greater part of any individual gets lethargic in light of the extreme utilization of long-range informal communication destinations. 

  • Emotional connection not true every time

It is not possible what the other person is thinking of at the same time you are chatting or communicating. It makes you keep thinking about whether they mean what they say. If the opposite says something, it may not mean what you have interpreted. 

  • Following a wrong model

According to psychological research, a child does what it observes. If they have any role models, they follow what the role model does. So, if the role model is bad, then they will behave according to her/him. 

  • Reduces offline social connection

Over excessive use of social media makes one detached from the family. Most of the children get affected by it. When they are spending valuable time with family, social media draws full attention to itself. 

Nobody can deny that social media is a stronghold for our future. It depends on how one is using the platforms. This article is just for educating the readers so that they can be aware of and use it wisely, knowing its good and bad sides.

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