Instagram Hacks

Instagram has full of opportunities. There are limitless options you can choose from. One of such options is Instagram Stories. Since its inception in 2016, the Instagram story has been a great strategy for marketing your business on the platform.

As we go on any platform for the first time, we face a lot of issues because of not knowing how the platform works. We face the same issue with stories also. As it is an essential way to promote your brand, you should know how to use every feature Insta story has to offer. Sometimes, the users get confused about how to change background colour on Instagram story or how to change the font’s style, or even how to add some attractive effects.

Some hacks work marvellously to increase the potentiality of growing your followers. To make better Instagram stories, you should be accustomed to the hacks so that from next time you don’t forget to apply.

  1. Create a solid background

If you are thinking about how to change the background on Instagram story, then here is the solution. It’s an easy feature to attract the attention of the followers or create a brand’s definite colour.


  • Go to story
  • Click on the draw icon
  • Choose any colour of your choice (there are a whole lot of colours)
  • After you choose a colour, click done and wait for 2-3 seconds to fill
  1. Add a link to your story

Unfortunately, this is only applicable for the accounts that have already crossed the 10,000 follower boundary. This is certainly a great feature to attract audiences to your website. Here’s how to do it.


  • Make a new story
  • Tap on the “Link” icon on the top of the page
  • Add your website URL
  • Tap “Done” and upload
  1. Close Friends feature

Instagram has a great feature to share intimate and homey stories with your very close person. It can be useful for businesses also. The feature is named Close Friends. The steps are below.


  • Click on the three horizontal lines on your Instagram profile
  • Tap “Close Friends”
  • Look for your close friends and add
  • Go to the Insta story section
  • You will see the Close Friends option at the bottom of the screen
  1. Schedule story in advance

There are many third-party tools like Hootsuite, Later that save your time and upload stories on your behalf. Consistency is the key to marketing. With our busy schedule, we miss out to upload stories sometimes. Here you can choose some third-party tools that allow you to create future’s contents. When you are working, the stories will automatically be published.

  1. Create as many pictures as you want on one background

It looks better when you add more images to a story. You can add as many pictures as you want.


  • Open Camera roll and choose a photo
  • Click on the share icon and tap copy photo
  • Paste your pictures on a text box
  • Repeat the process
  • When you are done, upload it
  1. Play with fonts

A brand has a definite colour as well as a font style. The text represents the brand’s identity. There are a bunch of texts you can choose from to make the story more attractive. If you already have a branded font then just pasting it to the story would be simple.


  • Go to the Instagram Fonts Generator
  • Type any character and hit enter
  • Copy the text and paste it to your story
  1. Create shadow effect on the text

Okay, so you have text. Simple text may make the design look dull. Applying some effects would be a wise decision.


  • Add text to your story and resize it as you want
  • Repeat the same text just below of the above text with different colour
  • Now put the new text on the previous and adjust it properly so that it looks like a shadow effect
  1. Direct users to your product catalogue

If you have a product catalogue on Instagram, you can direct your followers through the following steps. Let’s see how.


  • Go to the story and choose a particular product sticker from the sticker icon
  • Select any product of your choice from the product catalogue
  • Customize however you want
  1. Add multiple questions

Adding multiple questions creates more exposure to your followers. This is a great way to engage with your customers.


  • Create a story
  • Go to the sticker option and choose the question sticker
  • Write a question and add any colour you want
  • Create as many as you want
  1. Create Boomerang

Boomerang is an interesting feature provided by Instagram. Just create a small video and apply the option. You will get a different sense of your video.


  • Open Instagram story
  • Choose a live video (shot within 24 hours)
  • Press for a few seconds on the screen until the word “Boomerang” appears
  • Upload it
  1. Access more colours from the colour slider

If you want to know how to change background colour on IG story, then follow this point. Note that this is not a solid colour. You can mix any colour to another to create one. There’s a huge colour palette that lets you create a colour that suits your brand.


  • Open Instagram story and select the brush tool
  • Hold on to any default colour option for a few seconds to get the colour slider
  • Move the slider from left to right or vice versa to pick the specific colour
  • The same applies to the text
  1. Add Emojis with glow effects

We are aware of using Emojis through Insta stories. Do you know that you can add a glow effect to your Emojis? Let’s see how.


  • Open your Instagram Story
  • Choose Neon font
  • Now choose an Emoji
  • That’s it, it will automatically glow

These are the 12 must Instagram hacks that provide you with more flexibility. Instagram stories are a great way to gain more followers, engagements and reach a wider audience. Giving each feature a try will expand your organic growth. Now, you will be able to create better Instagram stories with some mind-blowing texts, background colours, effects, etc. Adding some cool effects makes your pictures more lively.

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