How Can Social Media Be Used as a Lead Generation Channel?

lead generation

For any business to survive, it needs to convert a stranger into a customer for lead generation in the marketing world. Any stranger who shows some interest in a company’s product or services offered can be converted into a satisfied user. He is considered a lead that converts into actual sales. Lead generation consists of several sales and marketing strategies for arousing the consumers’ interest in a company’s products wishes and converts it into potential sales. Every Potential sale means a satisfied customer who is creating for the company.

Using social media narrates laid to find a new customer and put him through a channel of various sales activities to convert them into a sales deal, thereby maximizing the company’s profit. The lead’s quality is essential because that increases the actual sales, and it should include useful information and a clear indication of the strangers’ intention to continue his engagement with a company’s business.

Leads can be generated at any stage of the sales process. Leads are mainly of three types:

  • Information Qualified Lead – 

He is a customer who has shown interest in the company’s products and is given access to free samples, catalogs, and webinars to get more information on the products.

  • Market Qualified Lead – 

When the first type of lead encounters a problem and is asked to follow up with information stating his problem and how the sales team can resolve it, he is a market qualified lead.

  • Sales Qualified Leads – 

An MQL is offered trials and free demos and then shifted to a decision-making stage. At this point, the process is paced up to convert a sales lead into a satisfied customer.

A business profile should have details like contact details and a dedicated support system to answer all queries, whether by mail or phone or messages, to increase the number of leads. Some call-to-action buttons like “sign up” or “book ticket” should be there for a quick call-to-action stage. A link to the business profile can also be added. The content must be curated to attract instant attention, and a button should be added to tempt an immediate action. An easily navigable and user-friendly page with less sensitive questions will increase the chance of an inquiry.

Ways in Which Social Media Can Be Used as a Lead Generation Channel

  • Sharing Links of Gated Content

Valuable insights into the product being marketed can be placed behind a gate. This gated content piece can then be shared via social media with relevant leads.

  • Running Contests on Social Media Platforms

Many leads can be gained directly from the participants of a contest. These participants can then share the contest with more people online. This will increase awareness regarding the post.

  • Social Media Advertising

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, et cetera offer “lead generation ads.” These allow marketers to gather leads from social media users on the platform itself. Users can directly sign up to a website without having to go to the actual page.

  • Hangouts, Webinars, Live Videos

This method requires viewers and participants to register in advance with a business that is hosting the webinar or live video. This allows marketers to gather a vast number of relevant leads.

  • Automating Social Media Lead Generation with AI Bots

Chatbots and instant messaging allow businesses to easily connect with prospective buyers without humans’ involvement while simultaneously lowering overhead costs. Such AI bots allow fast handling of customer queries and can use previous interactions to develop individual customer profiles and generate personalized content.

  • Building A Social Media Community

The easiest way to remain connected with customers is by creating a social media community. By engaging with their customers often, businesses can increase their visibility as satisfied customers will share information with other social media users regarding the business. This will increase the reach of a business.

  • Using Social Media Listening

Social media listening allows businesses to understand their customer base. This Is an integral part of providing quality customer service. By identifying the issues in their services and resolving those issues, businesses can build customer faith and create a loyal user base.

  • Using Geo-Targeted Search

Social media platforms offer location-based target options to marketers and help them reach out to a highly specific audience.

  • Clicking Through to A Landing Page

A landing page can be developed to turn leads into actual customers and should be created if marketers cannot share a gated content link on any social media platform.

  • Providing Special Offers

Giving freebies or hosting a lottery will attract customers, and with an entry form for participation, several useful data can be obtained from users. A way in which the entrants can share the offer via social media will multiply the chances of lead generation. It will strengthen the customer relationship strategy.

  • Polls and Surveys

Conducting polls on social media will bring accurate data on the target audience’s preferences and opinions. Gathering customer feedback on the merits and demerits of the company’s products and what changes they want in the products will showcase the company’s sincerity in striving for customer satisfaction.

  • Refer A Friend

New leads can be generated by the “refer a friend” strategy. Users always trust family referrals, and this will increase the prospects of generating quality leads. Each time a message is shared, the campaign progression can be tracked, and the audience base will increase manifold. If an encouraging gift is offered for a referral, the networking process will speed up.

  • Discount Codes

Giving discount codes with a limited time frame will generate a great demand in a short time. This will create awareness about the popularity of the brand, creating a sudden surge in its demand. Brand awareness rapidly increases and will remain at a higher level until the next such campaign.

  • Retargeting Non-Converting Visitors

Sometimes retargeting helps in boosting the chances of lead generation. A stranger’s inquiry or interest in a company’s product can be boosted by repeatedly sending them offers. This gives people a sense of the company’s loyalty towards them. Email subscriptions can also be retargeted with tripwire offers. Such clickbait offers often become successful in increasing sales potential.

Some Social Media Platforms for Lead Generation

Platform Lead Generation Rate

  • Facebook 82%
  • LinkedIn 48%
  • Instagram 43%
  • Twitter 15%
  • Pinterest 9%
  • Others 10%

Effective Methods for Lead Generation

  • Social media marketing – 59%
  • Email marketing – 40%
  • Website personalization – 38%
  • Video marketing – 34%
  • Event registration – 28%
  • Others – 15%


Social media is used to increase brand awareness by expanding the target audience and increasing community engagement. It is also used for diverting traffic to your website, thus increasing the chances of converting strangers to leads. The Reports of a company will boost awareness, and gated content will channelize leads to the sales funnel. A larger audience will increase sales productivity, thereby increasing revenue generation by promoting content through paid advertisements and event organization that will strengthen the customer relationship strategy and help you to gene.